The 10-second video sold for 48 crores, know what is special in this video

Have you ever wondered how much money a man can earn from 10-second videos? You must have shot many such short videos as well. But none of them thought of earning money through videos. Many such videos will be lying on your phone. Similarly, a video maker of 10 seconds has earned Rs 48.42 Crore. … Read more

Amazing video for you Of INS Vikramaditya

Amazing video for you Of INS Vikramaditya: decommissioned Admiral Gorshkov vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) missile cruiser carrier, INS Vikramaditya was commissioned into service in November 2013. The Admiral Gorshkov (Project 11430) is a modified Kiev-class aircraft carrier built at the Nikolayev South shipyard for the Russian Navy. Initially known as Baku, the carrier was … Read more

Create festival banner, all wishes & greeting cards, & social media banners

Make celebration pennant, all desires and hello cards, and online entertainment standards “How Do I Make Banner Images on my Phone just inside no time ?”Making a flag for Social Media Marketing or your business design is not any more a test. With fast and straightforward highlights, you can make an Ad offer, Poster, Pamphlet, … Read more