What a joy! This innovative technology allows you to charge your laptop and smartphone in the sun | Solar charger

What a joy! This innovative technology allows you to charge your laptop and smartphone in the sun.

Our lives now rely heavily on smartphones and PCs. Mobile devices and laptops, which need electricity to charge, are used for the majority of work nowadays. Smartphones and laptops can occasionally run out of juice in locations without access to power, but there is now a device that charges using sunshine and can charge both smartphones and laptops. We’re discussing solar power banks.

A solar power bank is the subject of a Kickstarter effort by a business called Dexpol. It is compatible with 65W USB-C charging. This solar battery will give your gadget a complete charge when exposed to sunlight. Three inputs are accessible and there is a 24,000mAh battery within the Dexpole Solar Power Bank. This device can be folded and has a 24 percent conversion rate. The device will take 5 hours to fully charge using its solar plate. The Dexpol Solar Power Bank has an athletic appearance.

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Dexpole Solar Power’s Benefits

Dexpole Solar Power Bank comes with four solar panels. Additionally, it has a power outlet that allows you to fully charge the device in about two hours. The gadget has an LED display that indicates the charging progress. The manufacturer claims that this power bank can double the battery life of the iPad Pro or charge the iPhone 14 Pro-Max four times. A 65W USB-C port and two USB-A connectors are also accessible. This device is also incredibly lightweight, weighing only about 1.2 kg, and it keeps working even when submerged in water.

Dexpole Solar Power's Benefits

The Dexpol Solar Power Bank is on sale for 41% less through the Kickstarter campaign. It costs approximately Rs 11,871. According to Dexpol, the power bank may be used both indoors and outside and is compatible with all USB devices. The product is also covered by a one-year warranty.

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